What to Know About Septic Inspections When Buying a House

What to Know About Septic Inspections When Buying a House

Buying a house is always an exciting prospect, but it can also be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding which property is right for you.

Do you want a newly built home or a fixer-upper? What kind of mortgage loans are you eligible for? What is the local neighborhood like?

One thing you may not consider is the state of your new home’s septic system, but you should. Just like electric wiring, the plumbing and septic system is essential to a house’s internal workings. An old, damaged, or malfunctioning septic system is not merely an inconvenience; it can also be extremely expensive to repair or replace.

It only gets worse if you don’t know there are pre-existing issues, as this can lead to you neglecting system maintenance and letting small problems exacerbate into large ones. Fortunately, Avalanche Services is happy to provide septic tank inspections in Lake Ariel and surrounding areas.

Visual Inspections vs. Full Inspections

Although some mortgage lenders require a full septic inspection before approving a home loan, many do not. In these cases, you might think that the speed and simplicity of a visual inspection make it preferable to a full inspection.

You might experience these kinds of inspections with a home inspector. However, know that a home inspector can’t really determine the merchantability of a septic system, or if the system is healthy or unhealthy.

As much as visual inspections offer convenience, they’re much more likely to miss subtle problems and early warning signs that could end up costing you a lot of time and money later on.

During a visual inspection, a general evaluator can generally be expected to turn on all the faucets and flush all the toilets in a home in order to check for water pressure and drainage issues.

He or she will also investigate the area near the property’s septic tank to check for indications of links or sewage backup. Again, the evaluator will not test the tank or investigate signs of structural damage.

A running faucet

A full septic inspection is much more thorough. During a full inspection, the professional septic system specialists at Avalanche Services will perform all the same tests that you’d get from a visual inspection. However, we will also go far more in-depth to make sure that each and every piece of the system is working properly.

First, Avalanche Systems will pump the home’s septic system completely. We will then remove the cover of the tank to check the water level, which will help us determine if the tank’s drains are working correctly.

We will then meticulously inspect the pump, alarm, tank, and other components for any structural weaknesses or performance issues. A hydraulic load test will allow us to assess your tank’s holding capacity, while a dye test will enable us to find possible blockages.

Finally, testing wastewater in the system’s leach field will show if the system is working as intended, or if harmful bacteria are making it out of the tank and into the surrounding soil.

Get Your System Inspected By Avalanche Services

There’s nothing worse than spending tens or even hundreds of thousands on a new home, only to discover hidden septic system problems that require you to spend even more money to fix. Full inspections are just one of many septic system services available from Avalanche Services.

Our septic system experts will examine a property’s plumbing in order to accurately identify potential issues before you commit to buying.

Additionally, for any problems that you have, we can provide the best recommendations so you can make the right decision. That could mean finding a new house or hiring Avalanche Services to perform the necessary repairs.

Whatever you need, Avalanche Services is here to help. Call us now!

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