A lot of times, the problems with your toilet are so big, or you’ve had to make so many repairs, that we would recommend a complete toilet replacement.

You actually don’t even need to experience problems with your current toilet to want a new one. More often than not, a new toilet is just going to be better in every way than your old one, either because of water efficiency or because a new design will go better with the other modern features of your bathroom.

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Why Would You Need a Toilet Replacement in Lake Ariel and the Greater NEPA Area?

There are many reasons why you might want to replace the toilet you have now, and it isn’t always because you’re having issues!

Granted, older toilets will start acting up eventually and are a common reason why people replace their toilets.

Some of the more problematic reasons why you’d want to schedule a toilet replacement include:

  • Your toilet is visibly cracked, corroded, or worn
  • The toilet wobbles when touched
  • You’re having to schedule more and more toilet repairs
  • Your water bills are high and you want a more efficient toilet

Of course, you may also choose to upgrade toilets as more of a choice than a necessity.

If you haven’t gotten a new toilet in a long time, you might be surprised to learn how many options you have now!

You can choose toilets based on the height of the seat, the shape of the bowl (either round or more elongated), the placement of the flush handle, and whether the lid slams or closes slowly. Heated seats are out there, too!

So if you’re redesigning your whole bathroom and decide that your decades-old toilet just has to go, you can schedule a toilet replacement in Lake Ariel or the surrounding region with us here at Avalanche Services.

We know you’ll love any new toilet you choose, whether you care more about the look or the savings in your water bill. And we are happy to help you make it happen!

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