Toilet problems are an inconvenience nobody wants, and that’s why Avalanche Services is happy to offer toilet repairs in Lake Ariel and the surrounding NEPA area.

As with any plumbing or septic problem, you don’t want to let broken toilets go, since doing this could make the issue worse. It also takes away your bathroom in your own home!

Avalanche Services will come out to you to make whatever repairs are necessary to get your toilet up and running again.

Don’t wait to call us. We are here for you! Get in touch now at (570) 795-7088!

How Do You Know Your Toilet Needs Repairs?

You know your own home better than anyone. If something is wrong with your toilet, you will likely notice it.

Just in case, though, here are some of the most common signs that your toilet is faulty and needs a fix:

  • Water on the floor around the toilet
  • Visible cracks in the toilet
  • The toilet wobbling or moving on its base
  • Low flush volume
  • Ghost flushing (when the toilet refills briefly on its own due to a faulty flapper)
  • Rusted parts or other hardware damage or corrosion
  • Reoccurring clogs
  • Any strange sounds

All of these problems indicate that something is wrong with the toilet itself, its interior parts, or the surrounding plumbing.

Also remember that toilet design and manufacturing are improving all the time. A toilet made yesterday will be simply more efficient and reliable than one from 40 years ago.

It makes sense that the older a toilet gets, the more repairs it will probably need. The average lifespan of a toilet is anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Some toilets fall outside of that range and can last a long time, but it’s case by case after 15 or 20 years.

If you suspect something is wrong with your toilet, understand that its age does play a role.

Whatever the problem is, we’ll find it.

How Do We Repair Toilets?

Toilet repairs could mean so many things. It depends on what the problem is.

With ghost flushes, the problem is a bad flapper, that rubber seal in the tank that allows just so much water to fill back into the bowl.

Or maybe you can’t get a proper flush from the toilet, in which case we would look at the chain on your toilet’s lift arm to see if it’s detached or gone bad.

Issues with clogs or flushing could also be a result of bad plumbing, either in the toilet’s trap or the piping that comes after that.

Rest easy knowing that we can diagnose and repair any of these toilet problems and more. And, if the problem is too great for a repair, we also offer complete toilet replacements!

If You Have Doubts, Call Avalanche for Toilet Repairs in Lake Ariel and NEPA

Avalanche Services will examine everything about your toilet when we come out for service so we can diagnose and fix the problem quickly to let you get back to normal.

Again, do not wait to call for your toilet repair. Call us at (570) 795-7088 to schedule your service and get your toilet back in working order again!