We’ve seen a lot at Avalanche Septic. We’ve worked with septic systems new and old, large and small, and in good and bad condition.

As with most automated systems and other kinds of technology, things can break down or otherwise go wrong over time. It’s almost always more efficient and less expensive to keep up with a system’s maintenance rather than doing nothing and needing a replacement within just a few years.

Septic tank replacement in Lake Ariel is one of our main services here at Avalanche Septic. That’s because we know that a tank will sometimes give out and need to be swapped out for a new one.

When that’s what you need, give us a call, and our septic tank services team will be there for you.

How to Tell You Need Septic Tank Replacement

Septic systems are just that: networks that involve many parts working together. Needing a new septic tank doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole system. But there are certain problems that can arise with the tank specifically that might necessitate a replacement.

If you’re not an expert, that’s okay! We’ll explain some common ways to tell you could use our residential septic tank services to replace your septic tank.

There’s a Smell

It goes without saying, but your sewage has a specific smell. You know the smell. If you smell raw sewage when you’re outside above where the tank is, you’ll know the tank is likely overfilled and can’t hold any more water or sewage. Now, a backed-up septic system can indicate a whole host of problems, but this is definitely one sign that your septic tank could be on its way out.

You Have Pools of Sewage in Your Yard

Another way our customers have been able to tell they need residential or commercial septic tank cleaning or replacement is because they have pools of water on the ground above where their tank is located.

Unless there’s a good reason for such standing water, like recent heavy rains, then pooling water above your septic tank is a bad sign. It means your tank has been seeping contaminated water into the ground. The problem compounds when the weight of the water itself bears down on your tank, likely damaging it further. In these situations, we advise you to call Avalanche Septic immediately so we can have a look before the problem gets worse.

Your Grass Is Greener

Our final point here is an interesting one: you can tell you may need septic tank pumping or replacement if the grass above the tank is especially green or if it grows faster than the grass around it. The reason why is what you might expect. A leaking tank indicates your grass is getting fertilized and moistened from below.

It’s one way to get healthy grass, but this is not something you actually want. As we’ve said, an overfull septic tank could mean plenty of things. Maybe your tank is failing to break down solids, so the water builds up in it faster. Perhaps the tank isn’t draining into the field properly. Whatever the issue, if you see these indicators in your grass, call us as soon as you can.

Let Avalanche Handle Your Septic Tank Replacement in Lake Ariel

Septic tanks come with their own pros and cons. When you keep up with the maintenance, these systems mostly work just fine. If you neglect maintenance, or if the tank pump or another part in the setup malfunctions, the issues could echo throughout the larger system.

Avalanche Septic has been putting our customers first for decades, always working to provide you with professional, reliable services. If you think you need septic tank replacement in Lake Ariel, give us a call, and we’d be happy to fix you up as soon as possible.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.