If you are buying a home that has a septic system, or if you’re selling a home that has one, then you probably know how wise it is to get the system inspected before finalizing the transaction.

The thing is, septic systems can be expensive to replace. Often, homeowners can avoid the need for a total septic tank replacement by keeping up with regular maintenance of the system, but this is the trouble with buying homes: buyers can’t say for sure what work the seller put into the system.

Some mortgage lenders require buyers to get a septic inspection.

In Pennsylvania, however, many home buyers choose to get what’s called a Pennsylvania Septage Management Association, or PSMA, inspection. This is essentially a top-to-bottom examination of the septic system that will satisfy the home buyer (and seller!) as to the system’s condition.

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It is always a good idea to get a septic inspection when you’re buying a home. You would hate to pay for the home only to find out later that the tank is no good and needs to be replaced. Keep in mind also that rural houses with no septic system or an inoperable septic system have a value of $0.

Avalanche Services performs septic inspections in Lake Ariel and the surrounding areas of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Learn more about septic inspections below so you can see why they are absolutely necessary when you’re buying a home with a septic system.

Why You Need a Septic Inspection in Lake Ariel and the Larger NEPA Area

There are two broad reasons why home buyers should obtain a professional septic inspection, even when their mortgage lender does not require it:

  • New septic systems are expensive
  • Septic systems are underground and cannot be checked otherwise

Think about this: if a septic services company such as Avalanche Services had to do a complete replacement job – taking out an existing septic system and putting in a brand new one – the costs would be in the thousands.

The other problem, though, is that home buyers can’t check a septic system themselves. The lines and the tank itself are all underground. Buyers would have to take the sellers at their word that the system is functioning all right.

And, if the system is actually malfunctioning and needs replacing, buyers have to add thousands of dollars to the money they’ve already spent on the house.

If this idea sounds disagreeable to you, know that there is another way.

Acquiring a septic inspection before closing on the property saves you a lot of headache. If we detect problems, we will inform you so you can factor the state of the septic system into your final buying decision. The results of one of our inspections will tell you whether a malfunctioning system can be repaired or whether you should walk away from the deal.

But what does one of our septic inspections near Lake Ariel involve? Let’s explain.

What Goes into a Septic Inspection in Lake Ariel?

Septic inspections examine every component of a septic system for condition and functionality. The layperson could not determine any of this information without a professional.

A thorough septic inspection includes the following steps:

  • Finding the location of the underground septic tank
  • Finding and removing the tank’s covers
  • Pumping the septic tank so we can examine the inside
  • Checking the tank for cracks or other structural compromises
  • Declaring the septic tank’s size
  • Inspecting the pump, alarm, and other components
  • Performing a hydraulic load test to observe the tank’s holding ability (if the home has been unoccupied for more than seven days)
  • Testing the wastewater in the nearby leach field

We may also perform a dye test on the system. This involves flushing dye packs from various places in the house and judging how much of it reaches the tank. This tells us if there are any blockages or other system issues to be addressed.

Basically, if the normal daily flow of water is not absorbed into the system within 24 hours, then something is wrong and needs to be repaired.

Each item above is a vital part of one of our septic inspections in Lake Ariel and the surrounding areas of NEPA.

The results of a test like this can go a long way toward helping you to make the wisest decision on a home purchase. Additionally, even after you’ve bought a home with a septic system, it’s a good idea to have us inspect the system every three to five years to ensure everything is still working correctly.

Call Us Now for an Expert Septic Inspection in Lake Ariel and the Surrounding Areas

Avalanche Services has been putting our customers first for decades. We know how important a functioning septic system is to a home.

If you need a thorough, professional, and customer-focused septic inspection in Lake Ariel or any of the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call Avalanche Services.