Homeowners with septic tanks already know the care that a septic system requires. But if you have just moved to a location with a septic tank and have to manage one for the first time, you may find that you are ignorant of the regular maintenance that a professional should perform.

Septic systems should receive a professional tank and drain cleaning every three years or so. The reason for this is that solid matter can build up in the drain pipes and tank over time and eventually cause a clog if left untreated.

As with many things, prevention is often simpler and less expensive than repairs. At Avalanche Septic, we have been performing professional septic drain cleaning for decades, always putting positive customer experiences before anything else we do.

Our customers trust our septic tank services because we work hard to be reliable and consistent. How can you benefit from our drain cleaning in Lake Ariel?

Why Septic Drain Cleaning in Lake Ariel Is Important

For the most part, using a septic system for your home or business does not require much of you. You use your sinks and toilets as normal, always making sure you never flush down anything other than regular waste and toilet paper.

At the same time, there are a few things you should remember with a septic system. First, chemical drain cleaners are usually discouraged.

Let’s say you have a clog in a drain and head to your local home-improvement store to get some cleaner and take care of the problem within minutes. These chemicals are tough and abrasive, and they’re meant to be; they break up tight clogs, after all.

The trouble is that those store-bought chemicals don’t just stop working after they destroy the clog. They keep traveling through your pipes and eventually reach your tank. The chemicals can kill the good bacteria in your septic system. That bacteria is responsible for breaking down your waste so it can pass out of your tank, through the filters, and into the drain field.

If you use chemical cleaners often enough, solids can build up in your septic tank and eventually clog the entire system. In that case, you would need a major septic tank cleaning to reset everything.

Always call in the professionals if you have a septic drain clog and can’t unclog it on your own using a snake or baking soda and vinegar. We’ll perform a commercial septic tank cleaning for your business to clear your whole system of any obstructions. The same goes for residential systems.

We can find whatever is blocking your drain, even if it’s especially deep.

Let Avalanche Septic Perform Your Drain Cleaning in Lake Ariel

The most important lesson we can pass along to you is that you should keep up with your septic tank cleaning as instructed. Septic systems work just fine when you follow the guidelines, but if you ignore your drain and tank maintenance every three years, problems could arise.

Call Avalanche Septic today for commercial or residential septic tank cleaning and drain clearing. We will be happy to show you why our Lake Ariel customers have trusted us for years to handle all aspects of their septic systems.