If your home is on a septic system rather than a public sewer, then you likely know the responsibilities you have on your plate. Septic systems work just fine most of the time, but occasionally, the septic tank alarm that comes with every system will go off, alerting you to a problem in your tank.

When that happens, you need professional septic tank services so you can handle the problem the right way. Avalanche Septic is happy to answer your alarm calls anywhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania! Without a proper inspection, you risk harming the system, including by overflowing the tank and causing a sewage backup in your home.

But what exactly is happening when your septic tank alarm starts sounding?

What Septic Tank Alarms Do

Homeowners with sewers usually don’t need to think about their water usage, since all water is flushed down the drain and basically never seen again.

Using septic tanks, however, requires homeowners to strike a balance in how much water they use.

For those who don’t know, septic tanks are meant to maintain a certain water level in them at all times. Low water levels could indicate a leak in your septic tank, in which case your alarm will sound.

On the other hand, your tank water level could also be too high, which will sound the alarm and indicate a whole other set of problems for you. This is a common issue we handle as part of our residential septic tank services at Avalanche Septic.

Septic tanks with pumps do not simply allow water to flow out into the drain field at will. Instead, those systems have timers that release water a few times every day. This is done so the drain field does not become inundated with sewage.

If you have used an unusually high amount of water in a given period, your tank’s water levels will rise and might not be drained again to proper levels for several hours or even days. Any more heavy use of water, then, could back up your sewage into your home drains. This is when our residential and commercial septic tank cleaning can really come through for you.

Other Causes for Septic Alarms Going Off

As we explained above, too much water being flushed into the system at one time is a frequent cause of rising septic tank water levels. This can happen if you run several consecutive laundry loads or dishwasher cycles or take long showers.

Other reasons for your septic alarm sounding include standing groundwater infiltrating the tank–such as after particularly heavy rainfall–and malfunctions of your septic tank’s various parts, including the pump, floats, drain timer, or the alarm itself.

Let Avalanche Septic Answer Your Alarm Calls in Lake Ariel

When you’re going about your day, and your septic alarm starts sounding, you may not care why it’s happening; you just want it fixed. That’s where we come in.

If your alarm is telling you something is seriously wrong with your septic tank, and you need an alarm call in Lake Ariel, don’t hesitate to contact Avalanche Septic. We’ll take care of it and get you back to normal and soon as possible.

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